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And so to conclude Injustice Gods Among Us is one of the best superhero game. So do play this beautiful game for PC. I am a 45 yo father, probably one of the oldest people playing this game. I am a single father to my Son, who is 14 now. My son got this game for Christmas in from his uncle, so we installed it on his computer and he started playing. By the end of the week he had 24 hours on this game. This was horrible for me, as it was already hard for me to find ways to spend time with my son, as he is always out with his friends or just watching YouTube.

So i decided to make a Steam account and get this game to see if I could maybe play alongside him. I loaded into the game, picked my character and world and started playing but I was stuck on what you where supposed to do.

Wracked with guilt and anger, the caped hero heads to the police station where Batman is questioning the criminal clown… and kills him.

This event splits the timeline. In one dimension events continue as we know them, while in the other Superman begins to rule the DC universe as emperor.

Controlling the people with an iron fist, the powerful icon gathers many of the other heroes to him – along with a few supervillains – in the name of peace. With this powerful army he creates a fearful society, dispatching any criminal instantly in a decidedly un-super fashion.

In this dimension Batman starts an Insurgency force to stand against Superman. As always though, Batman has a plan. Discovering the other timeline, Insurgency Batman pulls in heroes from the alternate dimension in which Superman remained heroic. With them on his side, he hopes to find a way to beat his old friend and restore liberty. This story plays out through a series of one-on-one fights.

Built around the Mortal Kombat engine, it all looks fantastic with heroes and villains able to smash their opponents from one ionic environment to the next. The narrative excuse of the super pill puts the diverse cast on the same level, allowing characters like the Joker to stand against the god Ares.

While most of Injustice will be familiar to fans of MK, it does mix things up a little. Strikes are divided into three strengths with a dedicated special button, rather than into four balanced attacks. This makes it a little more accessible without surrendering complexity. It’s fun to see how Neversoft have chosen to differentiate the various heroes and villains with their moves. Harlequin, for example, uses her speed and a selection of concealed weapons to even the field. Part6 Direct Download Link.

Part7 Direct Download Link. File Password: www. Your email address will not be published. Action Adventure Fighting. February 23, Featuring six new playable characters, over 30 new skins, and 60 new S.

Labs missions, this edition packs a punch. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred. The game scene is full of sci-fi colors, and it is also a dynamic background. There are different interactive elements in different scenes.

Reasonable use can cause very considerable damage to the enemy!



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So do play this beautiful game for PC. Mortal Kombat X 3.


[Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Free Download – Repack-Games


When he comes to know that it was Joker he kill the Joker. In the real world there is a war between justice league and injustice league. Then the justice league is teleported to that world where superman has now taken the rule. Tekken 6 is another fighting game that you can download. The gameplay is basically 3D. But you will find it a two dimensional fighting game. In this game you have to select your player and then you will have to fight against your opponent. There are four buttons to control.

Telephone Your telephone number is opetional. Search for:. Share this post Digg Tweet Stumbleupon delicious reddit Facebook.

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Honey Select 2. There is an offline mode, survival mode, and online battle mode, in addition to the relatively new “breakthrough” and “phantomzone” modes for increased unlock potential.

Also, did I mention there are zero ads??!! I do think the new Nth metal heroes are slightly overpowered, and expensive to level.

As much how much the game has died down I like to say that this is a real great game, I’ve been playing this game since it was brand new and I still enjoy it the gameplay may just tapping the screen to attack but I like it that way, the graphics for a mobile game are good too, and the controls are again just tapping but I do think their a little delayed. My only problems are that its been a year since the game was updated and the block spamming from the A.

I is ridiculous. Rewarded Videos and Offerwalls are back! The minimum iOS version has been raised to iOS 9. Players on unsupported versions will not get Rewarded Videos and Offerwalls but they will still be able to play their game!

General game optimizations, bug fixes, and privacy updates. As always, thank you for playing Injustice: Gods Among Us! This app may collect these data types Personal info, App activity and 2 others. Data is encrypted in transit. You can request that data be deleted. There’s so much cheating in the online games, so it’s impossible to get the top 3 rewards.

The cheaters give themselves automatic points once the new season starts. Injustice Mobile doesn’t do anything about it. There’s also one story mode section that isn’t finished and has a bug. They’ve yet to fix that and its become the only incomplete quest.

The game would be much better if they didn’t allow the cheaters to thrive and give themselves two billion points at the beginning of the seasons. In my oppinion, this is by far one of the best free to play mobile games of all time. Game was highly unstable when I picked it up, patches have greatly improved performance and crashes are rare now.

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