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Subject: Lyr Req: June Tabor ‘Spy ship’ theme From: Cas Date: 09 Mar 03 – AM does anyone know the full lyric for this it sarts ” A cold wind blew over the sea A cold wind blew over the icy sea and it took good men good fishing men from their wives and famiies. What is “Spy Ship”? I am a June Tabor fan and would like to know more.

Rumours were that the ship wasn’t just a trawler, and that the Russians somehow were involved in her disappearance.

If this is the song in question I’d hazzard a guess that Les from Hull will know more. I would just love to get the words as Its in my range and sounds awsome sung by Joan. You know, “Edge of Darkness” or “Dark Conspiracy” or something like that?? Haunting theme-song ‘though, and unforgettable although I’ve forgotten it!! I remember we did record it on VT but cannot now find the tapes!!! Recognised it as June Tabor singing it after the first line.

Got the CD in front of me and will try to copy the words of it in the next few days and post them. I’ve never found one that plays at 45 rpm! On Richard’s link above it says the track was destined for the Always anthology but dropped.

June’s music is not for casual listening – she puts so much into the interpretation of the lyrics that one needs to pay attention to what she is singing in order to get the maximum out of them and what you do get out of them will send icy fingers down your spine.

Occasionally the slowness of the pace and laid back arrangements can get a little ponderous, particularly in some of her 90s performances, but at her finest no one can top her. Set come in 6″x12″ box and comes with 48 page full color booklet with historical photos, biographical essay and notes on the songs the latter mostly by June herself.

Any further info welcomed! It is not that long a song really and I can see why it never got anywhere. Anyway her goes with what I have Cold wind blew over the sea Cold hand reached out over the icy sea And it took good men, good fishing men From their wives and families Now there’s sorrow here, there’s anger in the town Over this I will be doing a seperate post for this but does any body have the words and possibly chords for You drinking men at the old number 10 written by Bernard Bowland I think.

Thought that would really have been obvious that I had made a slip. But thre you go. From that, I think it’s ‘hollow mystery’: Now there’s sorrow, grief, there’s anger in the town And there’s hollow mystery It doesn’t include the “Remember when the wind blows cold” verse, but the name of the ship in the series was the Mary Castor. Subject: RE: Lyr Req: June Tabor ‘Spy ship’ theme From: Richard Bridge Date: 10 Jan 09 – PM I have a couple of enquiries out – for the single or for the sampler LP – to a chap whohas a large collection of vinyl obscurities including folk and related – and tape recordings of broadcasts – so let us see what surfaces.

Googling the LP name appears to produce a maybe for the vinyl LP from a website. The Youtube link above appears to stop short at 47 seconds at the moment – just after “hollow mystery” – but it is clearly “holow mystery”.

Whether the stopping on the link is Youtube, my connection, or enemy action remains to be seen. Joe’s Youtube Vid is now running but the song ends at 47 seconds. She said she was not happy with the arrangement on the single produced by the BBC at that time.

Perhaps, with the interest shown here for it, she could be persuaded to include it now on a future album in her own arrangement! Read above, and all will be answered. I’m in the process of trying to convert it to MP3 and reduce the crackles with very limited sucess to date! Further to earlier posts I bought the Always box set on the understanding that the track was included and was rather hacked off to discover that it was withdrawn at the last minute.

I’m looking for a version of this music with a big instumental break in it – I has it on cassette and that’s now chewed up!!! I’ve got a version, but it’s the same as the end credits of the programme. Does anyone know where on earth I got the version with the massive instumental in the middle it really build and gets dramatic and sounds like a film score!!

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June tabor a cold wind download

WebJan 22,  · June Tabor – A Cold Wind – YouTube from BBC Records 45rpm (RESL ) from November from BBC Records 45rpm (RESL ) from November . WebENGLAND JUNE TABOR Topic Always 쳌œ CD $ Four CDs, 67 tracks, approx 4 Hours 40 mins, essential This wonderful set which includes 42 previously unreleased . WebCold and Raw June Tabor Lyrics I’m beginnin’ to hear voices and there’s no one around Well i’m all used up and the fields have turned brown I went to church on sunday, she .


June tabor a cold wind download

40 Cold, haily, windy night – Maddy Prior and June Tabor – The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Discography for June Tabor. June Tabor, A Cold Wind, single, BBC RESL, June Tabor, A Folk Song, promotional single, Golden Vale, In Tabor, the summers are warm and wet, the winters are very cold and snowy, The wind is most often from the north for months, from June 25 to July.

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