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The amazing mods coming out for the games, especially ME3, have helped keep the series fresh. If you can, play the game on PC and head over to the Nexus sites. Importing a level 1 through level 49 character will grant 1, XP (the player starts at level 2), 20, credits, and 2, of each resource. Importing a level. replace.me › Unable-to-import-MECharacter-into-ME-3 › td-p.


[Mass effect 3 character import pc download


March It happens at exactly the same place each time. I import the ME 2 save and get a list of its decisions. I choose “imported face” and all is fine but as soon as I get to class selection, the screen freezes and with any mouse click it all disappears in a CTD. I have experimented and tried to import other saves with the same result and all of them have already been imported in previous play throughs.

I saw a post here that was similar only it was occurring on PlayStation The suggestions to overcome this just weren’t that great. Here is what I know. There is nothing wrong with my ME3 game. I have imported ME2 characters before. There is nothing wrong with my ME2 saves – I have imported some of those that now fail before.

Go to Solution. View in thread. I have solved this problem myself. EA and Bioware appear to hate “cheats” with a vengeance with their overbearing and controlling ways to prevent any player input. To me this is insane. My Shepherd isn’t challenged by mall cops, farmers or even footsoldiers. My Shepherd is motivated by the story and its epic nature but he needs mods to emulate that. These developers should be setting up mod desks where a couple of knowledgeable techs could advise modders on how to best get the 7 billion potential customers But no!

They are two busy shooting themselves in the feet. This removed a mod but that’s okay. I repeated the import of the Mass Effect 2 save it all went without a hitch. It is not Bioware’s responsibility to make the game compatible to mods or cheats, the Moder is responsibility to make his mod compatible to the game. Also, ME3 has a story mode. Most mods that needs this dll’s bring them along in this days, as the “Ashley Marksman Fix” Mod does as well.

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Message 1 of 5 Views. Reply 0. Accepted Solution. March Holger Thanks Holger and you are absolutely right. However, the mod that caused the issue was the “Ashley Marksman Fix”. Apparently, the game was shipped with Ashley’s Marksman skill not working. And I want to be really clear here. I regard the Mass Effect games to be one of the greatest Science Fiction narratives to ever be written.

They are certainly richer than Star Wars or even Star Trek and deserve remakes over the next 50 years or so. Where would we be had Beethoven decided that he had performed his 9th Symphony for the people he wanted to impress and so had no need to preserve the score?

Regardless, I make no claims about what happened after this but I do want to explain since most people will do as I did. The moment I got past the game’s introduction, I saved and re-installed the Ashley fix. The fix for this error was to paste binkw These files can be found with a quick Google search and I’m sure that the end result is a game closer to what the developers intended.

Message 4 of 5 Views. Reply 2. All Replies. March I have solved this problem myself. Message 2 of 5 Views. March djwolf It is not Bioware’s responsibility to make the game compatible to mods or cheats, the Moder is responsibility to make his mod compatible to the game.

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Yes. Sites like replace.me exist to allow you to input the choices you want to import and find a save game that you can. replace.me › Home › Modern Games › Game Guides.

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